MEDIMED is looking for strong projects in development or production, with appeal to international broadcasters, co-producers and other funders. A selection committee of international experts will select 28 projects that will take part in the Pitching Forum.

The Pitching Forum is a public presentation in which the director and producer have an opportunity to present/pitch their film project to leading international commissioning editors in order to enrol them in co-production. The Pitching Forum is followed by pre-scheduled one-on-one meetings, which enable the team members to discuss the project to the financers in more detail.

Before the Pitching a Workshop led by top documentary experts, will train participants in the art of pitching - how to deliver a successful public presentation of their project.


  • The genre of the films can be diverse: arts and culture, current affairs, History, human interest, human rights, society & geopolitics. They can be singles or series.
  • The subject does not have to be European or Mediterranean in terms of scope. It can be a local story, yet it should relate to a human experience or universal topic, and can happen in any part of the world.
  • Projects that have completed the preliminary research with a strong topic appealing to global viewers from diverse cultural backgrounds that showcase untold stories that bring new perspectives, people, facts and ideas to the international audiences.


MEDIMED offers an excellent opportunity to introduce and sell new films to international buyers and distributors, thus increasing acquisition and distribution possibilities for their recently produced documentaries.

We are looking for finished documentary productions of any genre produced in 2023 or 2024 in any EU member state or Southern Mediterranean country.